Bids & Awards

Once the LGU sets to materialize a project, an opportunity for business establishments is disclosed to the public—that is the OPPORTUNITY TO BID—a bidding as to whom the LGU will be purchasing needed materials to realize its project. The winning bid price claims the award. However, it will not be that quick. A process has to be undergone.

If a certain business entity is interested to join the bidding, it must go through the following procedure:

  • Submit Eligibility Requirements to the Bids and Awards Committee c/o the Municipal Budget Office (in the LGU of Polanco).
  • The Bids and Awards Committee will then assess the requirements compliance of the entity.
  • Once declared eligible, the entity will then be advised to buy Bid Documents (these documents however is not exposed unless a bidder is declared eligible) from the Office of the Bids and Awards Committee.