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Polanco is an agri-based municipality and agricultural farming is a primary livelihood of the local communities. About 15,927.0909 hectares classified as agricultural area equivalent to 70% and 4.70% of the total agricultural area of the municipality and province, respectively. Majority of the area are planted with the key crops such as rice, corn and coconut and some of the areas are planted with High Valued Cash Crops (HVCC) like root crops, vegetables, fruit trees and trees.

Coconut is the prime crop of the municipality that occupies 81.81% or 13,848.64 hectares of the total agricultural area. Rice is the second leading commodity that occupies 12.25% or 2,075 hectares. Out of this number, 1,165 are irrigated and 910 hectares are rainfed. Meanwhile, corn is the third leading commodity that occupies about 5.94% or 652 hectares, some of the corn areas are under coco trees. Over the years, the municipality has been one of the major corn cluster and rice seed producer municipalities of the region identified by the Department of Agriculture.

In 2010 record, coconut industry led among the three major crops produce in the municipality it recorded 16,246.75 MT. Rice production totalled 7,231.74 MT with a value of production of P96,001,370; 4,565.99MT with irrigation and 2,665MT without irrigation or rainfed with an average production of 3.91 tons/ha with irrigation and 2.93 tons/ha without irrigation. Barangays of Lingasad, Bandera, Silawe, Isis, Guinles, Pob. South and Labrador contributed big volume in production. In the same year corn produces 1,815MT with a value of production of P18,150,000 resulting to an average production per hectare of 3.0.

Due to the limited crop production of the municipality most of the produce was consumed by the local market.

Aside from crop farming, local populace in Polanco is also engaging livestock and poultry raising as one of their major livelihood endeavour. Based on the inventory made by the Municipal Agriculture Office, most livestock are widely grown on a backyard scale while poultry farms exhibited large number of production than in backyard farming. In 2010 record, the municipality has 2,100 heads of carabao, 1,500 heads of cows, and 300 heads of swine (Table ______). Meanwhile, chicken accounted for 115,000 heads; 3,000 backyard and 112,000 heads commercial. Due to continuous increase demand of meat and poultry products expansion of commercial piggery and poultry farms in the municipality has been observed.

As of 2010, there are two (2) commercial piggery farm established in the locality; Alba’s Piggery and Cortes Farm situated at Barangay Anastacio and Lingasad, respectively. Meanwhile, poultry farm have also two; RJA poultry farm and Fresh Eggs Farm situated at Barangay Magangon and San Antonio of this municipality.

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