Other Services

Communication & Network

Cellular phone is the most common communication equipment used by the populace throughout the world to quickly in touch with family and business associates.

CMBS survey result, revealed that forty four (44%) percent of the households in the municipality own a cellular phone and connected with the big three communication providers; SMART, Globe, and SunCel.

To improve and enhance the communication services, network providers installed their own tower in the area. Smart and SunCel towers are located at barangay Anastacio and PLDT tower is located at barangay Pob. North.

Internet service is now available in the municipality of about five (5) internet café’s operating in the poblacion including the Community e-Center of the local government located at the Public Library, Pob. North.

As of December 2010, there are three (3) landline communication company providers operating in the locality; Cruztelco, and PLDT base in Dipolog City and National Telecommunication Commission (NTC) located at Pob. South, Polanco, Zamboanga del Norte.

Waste & Management

Disposal of garbage and other solid waste in the Poblacion area are being taken cared by the garbage collectors and dumped to the 2 hectares controlled dumpsite located in barangay San Antonio. Other households disposed their garbage in an open pit and sometimes done by burning.

Power Services

National Grid Corporation of the Philippines is the sole power supplier in Zamboanga del Norte. This power is distributed in the province through the Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative (ZANECO).

As of 2010 ZANECO record showed that 100% of the barangays in the municipality had been energized with the following connections and average monthly consumption:

No. of Connections by Type of Users and Ave. Consumption (kwh/mo.)

Type of Connection Number of Connections Ave. Consumption
Domestic 4,065 86.99
Industrial 92 392.16
Commercial 10 2,158.70
Public Building 137 247.25
Streetlights (Public) 17 247.24
Total 4,321 3,132.34

Source: ZANECO

Water & Sanitation Services

a. Water

Polanco Water District is the lone water service provider that provides a level III water supply facility in the municipality. It caters the barangays of Pob. North, Pob. South, Anastacio, Villahermosa, Obay, Guinles, San Antonio, and Bandera.

For level II water supply system, there are 11 water systems operating in the municipality which the Barangay Water System Association or BAWASA handled the operation and maintenance of the system.

Level I water systems are the most common water source in rural barangays of about 258 level I water supply system are functional. Of 258 water sources there are 187 or 72.48 percent are classified as safe source of water and the remaining 71 are classified as doubtful water source.

As of December 2010 RHU record, out of 7,489 households, only 5,899 households have access to safe water, and the remaining 1,590 households have no access to safe water.

b. Sanitation

As of December 2010 RHU report, 7,203 or 96% of the total households owned toilet facilities. Of this number, 287 or 3.98% of the households have unsanitary toilet facility.