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Generally, people of the municipality are continuously enjoying a peaceful and tranquil environment.

Aside from the Philippine National Police serving in the Local Government Unit, the Police Aide, civilian volunteer officers (CVO’s), barangay tanods, and 101st Brigade stationed in Piñan are allies in providing security in the municipality.

Municipal Peace and Order Council and Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council are also organized in the municipality. These bodies are working closely to ensure the security and safety of the municipality.

Based on 2010 report, records showed that crime volume goes down from 246 cases in 2009 to 154 cases in 2010 with a percentage of 37.40%, likewise, crime solution efficiency goes up to 78.57%.
At present, police-population ratio of the municipality is 1:1,162; it means number of PNP personnel is insufficient based on national standard of one policeman per 1,000 populations.

By year 2020, estimated population of Polanco is 39,983; it means that 40 policemen will be required to attain the ideal standard ratio of police-population of 1:1000. Comparatively, the present number of policemen of 32, there should be an additional police force of 8 to be augmented to meet the national standard.


Imploring the aid of the almighty by 2030, We shall be highly CAPABLE, EFFECTIVE and CREDIBLE Police service working in partnership with a responsive community towards the attainment of a safer place to live, work and do business with


Prevent and Control Crimes, Maintain Peace and Order and Ensure Public Safety and Internal Security with the active support of the community.

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