Hospitals & Clinics

Rural Health Unit

The health needs of the municipality are met by the Rural Health Unit (RHU) with its Main Health Center located at Pob. South, and its eleven (11) component Barangay Health Stations (BHS) which are strategically located all over the municipality.

List of Barangay Health Stations

Barangay Health Station BHS Head
1. Lingasad BHS Mrs. Thelma V. Maguinsay
2. Guinles BHS Mrs. Ligaya D. Acoymo
3. Sto. NiƱo BHS Ms. Airen B. Ates
4. Isis BHS Emma G. Barte
5. Bandera BHS Clarita M. Agias
6. Silawe BHS Mrs. Edna Q. Son
7. New Lebangon BHS Ms. Cherelie Butawan
8. Macleodes BHS Rebecca S. Parama
9. San Pedro BHS Ms. Arlene A. Imperial
10. DansullanBHS Mrs. Norma B. Marcera