In local scenario, there are thirty (30) elementary schools and six (6) secondary schools accommodating the formal education of the school going age populace. Moreover, non-formal education is facilitated by the Alternative Learning System (ALS) Center in different barangays under the supervision of the ALS coordinator.

Based on 2010 inventory on facilities, a total of 101 school buildings and 211 classrooms utilized for elementary level and 27 school buildings and 43 classrooms utilized for secondary level.

Public Elementary Schools

Name Of School Barangay School Head District Contact
Anastacio Elementary School Anastacio Val R. Gabucan 1 092-1447-3042
Bandera Elementary School Bandera Ruben C. Enoy 1 091-0851-3324
Bethlehem ElementarySchool Bethlehem Alfredo Cabatcha 090-7294-1066
Crisologo Elementary School Sto.Niño Ofelio D. Nasala 1 092-9696-1748
Dangi Elementary School Dangi Anabelle Gatchalian 2 090-9684-9940
Dansullan Elementary School Dasullan Diosdado Lagrimas 2 092-1267-2394
De Venta PerlaElementary School DeVenta Perla 2 091-0977-5933
Guinles Elementary School Guinles Rolando P.Gerzon 1 092-0304-8061
Isis Elementary School Isis Raul B.Dimasuhid 1 091-8206-8101
Labrador Elementary School Labrador Eugenio C.Morandarte Jr. 1 091-0389-8478
LapayanbajaE lementary School Lapayanbaja Hermogenes Regencia 2 092-6138-5938
Letapan Elementary School Letapan Desirie Cabil 2 091-8754-7693
Linabo Primary School Linabo 2 092-8330-6199
Lingasad Elementary School Lingasad Rudy A.Guitarte 1 092-0564-5080
Macleodes Elementary School Macleodes Allan Enao 2 092-1426-1398
Magangon Elementary School Magangon Joerix D. Ates 1 091-0451-1870
Maligaya Primary School Maligaya 2 090-8183-8157
Milad Elementary School Milad Virginia Caseres 2 091-0500-4941
New Lebangon Elementary School NewLebangon Gregoria Ageas 2 090-8861-3586
New Sicayab Elementary School NewSicayab Esterlita Jamolol 2 090-6953-7155
Obay Elementary School Obay Tita P. Patungan 1 090-9772-5427
Pian Elementary School Pian James J. Duterte 1 -none-
 Polanco Central School Poblacion North Dr. Joy L. Songcon 1 092-9441-3285
San Antonio Elementary School SanAntonio Sharika D. Jumawan 1 092-0500-7309
San Miguel Elementary School San Miguel Nila S. Alvaro 1 091-8523-2634
San Pedro Elementary School San Pedro Lani Ocamia 2 092-0473-4744
Silawe Central School Silawe Ronie Enoy 2 091-8347-2322
Villahermosa Elementary School Villahermosa Alex L. Empeynado 1 092-8205-2770
Sianib Elementary School Sianib Eduardo Fontanilla 2 090-6620-8772
Sto. Niño Elementary School Sto.Niño Gen H. Zorrila 1 -none-

Public High Schools

Name Of School Barangay School Head Contact
Polanco  National High School Poblacion South Rodolfo Subebe 091-8317-8249
Polanco National High School – Isis Integrated School Isis Dr. Josephine Crisostomo 091-0900-9814
Polanco National High School – Sianib Annex Sianib Cristina Gumapon 091-9619-5577
 Polanco National High School – Silawe National High School Annex Silawe Brigida Cabilin 090-9239-1538
Polanco National High School Extension-Lingasad Lingasad Renelda Gadayan 092-7902-4577
San Pedro National High School San Pedro Julieta Maligro 092-9519-0503