Service Pledge

We, the employees of the Office of the Municipal Administrator; this municipality resolve to commit our individual will and effort to serve our clients with the following:

a) Honestly and truthfulness in our action
b) Treat people fairly
c) Ensure an efficient and effective public service
d) Wear the prescribed office uniform & ID


Procurement of Goods/Office Supplies
About the Service

As mandated by law, all procurements must be in consonance with the provisions of RA 9184 otherwise known as the Procurement Act. Project Management Officer/End users shall first submit requests before goods, office supplies, services, infra projects are purchased.


1. Approved Project Procurement Management Plan(PPMP)/Annual Procurement Plan(APP)
2. Approved Purchase Request

A. CLASS “A” Legal Documents

1. Valid (Phil. Contractors Accreditation Board) PCAB license & registration for the type and cost of the contract to bid.
2. DTI Business name registration or SEC/CDA registration certificate
3. Valid and current Mayor’s permit/municipal license
4. BIR Registration Certification which contains the Taxpayer’s Identification Number
5. Articles of Incorporation, Partnership or Cooperation, whichever is applicable including amendments thereto if any
6. Duly signed statement of the prospective bidder that is not “blacklisted”

B. CLASS “A” Technical Documents

1. Statement of ongoing and similar completed government & private contracts within the period specified in the IAEB, including contracts awarded but not yet started.
2. Copies of end-user’s acceptance letters for completed contracts
3. Specification of whether or not the prospective bidder is a manufacturer, supplier or distributor.

C. CLASS “A” Financial Documents

1. Audited financial statements, stamped, received by the BJR or its duly and authorized institutions, for the immediately preceding calendar year showing among others the total assets and f/abilities.
2. Duly signed computation of NFCC or a commitment from licensed bank to extend to him a credit tine ff awarded the contract or a cash deposit certificate.

D. CLASS “B” documents

1. Duly signed letter authorizing the BAC or its duly authorized representative/s to verify any or all of the documents submitted for eligibility check
2. Valid Joint Venture Agreement, if applicable.
3. Duly signed certification under oath that each of the documents submitted in satisfaction of the eligibility requirements is an authentic and original copy.
4. Sworn Affidavit of the bidder that is not related to the head of procuring Entity, Members of the BAC, TWG and Secretariat and members of the PMO or End User Unit and the designers of the project, by consanguinity or affinity up to the Third Civil Degree.

Action on Applications For Market Stall/Booth Rental
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For the purposes of transparency, all vacant stalls in the market are opened for public bidding. However, applications shall be submitted to the Market Committee for final screening and only qualified applicants are entitled to participate in the public bidding which shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of Municipal Ordinance No. 2M-5-01, s. 2005


  1. Community Tax Certificate
  2. Contract of Lease
  3. Must meet the qualifications set for Market stall/booth holders, to wit;
  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a Filipino citizen,; however, business with foreign capital may be allowed provided that 60% of which must be a Filipino capital
  • Must not have any business tax delinquencies.
  • Must not have violated any ordinance, rules and regulations pertaining to market operations.
  • Must be physically and mentally fit.
  • Must not be a stall/booth holder in any of the public market owned and operated by the municipal government of Polanco, other than the stall/booth he/she is applying for. This provision includes the spouse of the applicant and dependent children getting principal support from the lessee concerned
  • Municipal Officials and/or employees of this LGU holding elective position higher than Barangay Captain or permanent appointments are disqualified to occupy stall/booth in the two-storey public market


  • Registration Fee: Php 100.00