As one factor for economic development, tourism industry nowadays is one of the top industries that create numerous job opportunities and generate large local revenues. For that matter, many local government units (LGU) explore potential tourist spots in their locality in order to meet the tourism demand. In addition, there is some LGUs tend to outsource finances just to establish a tourism destination in their locality.

Meanwhile, Polanco has still a long way to explore and develop potential tourism spots coupled with construction, financial support and recognition. However, Polanco was identified as souvenir item producer in terms in Tourism related undertakings in Dipolog-Dapitan-Polanco-Katipunan-Roxas-Manukan (DDPKaRoMa) alliance.

A number of Tourism sites Polanco can offer to its visitors are: Maraz Golf Course, North Zamboanga Gardens, Gumela Farm, Vergies Garden, Ocupe’s Swimming Pool, Polanco Tennis Court, Polanco Swimming Pool, Polanco Bowling Lanes, St. Isidore the Farmer Historical Church, and Public Plaza. Most of the attractions are man-made and owned by private individuals.
You’ll never know what make these sites a talk-about unless you come and see them close.